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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Do we seek approval more often than love? The other day I had a great conversation with and friend and those words came up...approval or love. My opinion is that we live in a society where we inevitably seek approval from our friends, family and those we admire. When we feel or receive that approval there is a greater desire to continually feel that approval. We may know with out a doubt that we are loved but because of the way our world operates, most often than not approval seems to be a priority. Why is that? Another thing I noticed is that we may unconsciously begin to highlight those areas that others praise and seek greater levels of approval. In the end we may have lost ourselves or at least want to live our lives in such a way to please others. How dangerous is this? Is it healthy or unhealthy, and is is all that bad?Well these are the ramblings of woman feels that this is food for thought. The saga continues......

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